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Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch began their working lives together in 2006 when Julie opened a collectable teddy bear shop with attached craft studio in the New Forest.

Julie’s passion for keeping traditional hand-crafting skills alive and Amanda’s wealth of experience in the design and making of collectable teddy bears combined to bring Bear It In Mind to the point at which it is today.  There have been many adventures on the way!

Now working from a home-based studio, Julie and Amanda are leading lights in the repair and restoration industry.  They feature regularly in the BBC series The Repair Shop, are feature writers for the Teddy Bear Times magazine and are the restorers of choice for Merrythought in Ironbridge, Shropshire.

Julie is married with four children, two grandchildren, two dogs, a cat and a tortoise and Amanda is married with one son and a small menagerie of his reptilian pets! 

Both ladies have lived most of their lives in and around Southampton and the New Forest area with Julie spending a few years in the USA.

Keen to encourage people to develop sewing and repairing skills for themselves, Julie and Amanda will continue to make public appearances to promote their work where possible.